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Note: If you have a hyphenated name, please add an additional note in the "Special Requests" field below as to whether or not you want your full hyphenated name used as your account.
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The Network Logon Account is used to access network resources on campus. This includes network printers, servers and the campus Intranet. Unless you already have a network logon account, you should leave this field checked.

Website access is available to all administrative offices, academic departments and divisions and all instructors [Note: requires a network logon].  Only instructors may use this option to request a personal website.  If you need access to a departmental or administrative office website, you will need your supervisor to contact the Help Desk in order to authorize your access.

If the account is not used at least once every six weeks then the account will be removed [Note: requires a network logon].

If you would like to request disk space on the network file server for yourself, check this box [Note: requires a network logon].


 By applying for and using your District network and/or email account, you are agreeing to the following:

Your District user and/or email account is used at your own risk and are a service that the District provides for its employees. College of the Canyons and the Santa Clarita Community College District will not be held liable for any data loss due to user error, illegal tampering, system failures or acts of nature. As a member of the District, you may have access to confidential information including access to certain aspects of student and/or employee records. By accepting a user and/or email account on the District system, you are agreeing to maintain the confidentiality of records as described in District board policy, education code and FERPA regulations. Anyone misusing their account or violating the confidentiality of records will have their access terminated.

Computer Acceptable Use Policy