College of the Canyons Honors Program

The Honors Program at College of the Canyons offers an enriched curriculum to students with a strong academic record in order to increase their chances for successful transfer to competitive four-year institutions. Through seminar-style classes, special projects, and community activities, the program provides opportunities for critical thinking, extensive writing, and in-depth learning in a wide variety of transferable general education courses. When attaching files to the application please make sure your name is included in the file name.

Honors Program Application

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Eligibility Requirements (Must meet #1 and #2):*
1) GPA Requirements:
College GPA of 3.25+ in 12 or more UC/CSU transferable units (Please note that a 3.5+ UC/CSU GPA is required to complete the Honors Program)
College GPA: Number of units completed:
Attach College or High School transcripts (unofficial acceptable) to this form.
High school GPA 3.5+  High School GPA: (Attach high school transcripts to this form in the field above. )
2) English eligibility:
Eligible to take ENG 101 (COC Assessment Test scores attached, or completed ENG 091, 094, or ESL 100—attach college transcript or equivalent.)
Exempt from taking ENG 101 (scored a 3 or higher on AP English exam; documentation attached)
Currently enrolled in ENG 101 or 101H (Attach COC Transcript.)
Completed Eng 101, 101H (or approved equivalent course[s] at another institution) with a grade of A or B
If taken at another college, please indicate college name:
Completed ENG 102 OR ENG 103
Personal Statement.* In the text box below, using 250-300 words, please describe your interest in the College of the Canyons Honors Program. Your statement should include what you hope to gain from your participation in the program as well as how you believe you will contribute to the program. Because honors courses are typically writing intensive, this statement should reflect appropriate writing skills. Remember that clear writing is the result of clear thinking.

Honors courses completed or currently enroll in:*

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Transfer Information
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* I certify the above information to be true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize the release of transcripts to the representative of the College of the Canyons Honors Program to verify my GPA to ensure that I maintain a 3.25 GPA while enrolled in the honors program, and contact information to potential transfer institutions. I understand that I need to earn and maintain a UC GPA of 3.5 or higher by the time they are wanting to be TAP certified and in order to be considered a COC Honors completer. I agree to abide by the Santa Clarita Community College District regulations regarding Academic Honesty. These can be found in the College of the Canyons catalog and the schedule of classes.

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For questions about the program, please contact Dr. Miriam S. Golbert, Honors Faculty Coordinator at (661) 362-5927, or via e-mail at .

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